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You’ve tried the rest, now try the BEST!

The proof is in the packaging!! This is why I GUARANTEE your eggs arrive without damage. In case you weren’t aware, EVERY shipment is double boxed. The outer box has a crush test rating of 200# and there is no unfilled space between it and the inner box. That being said, the condition of this package on arrival is absurd!! Because my boxes are strong and so well packed, this looks downright INTENTIONAL by a USPS employee- They don’t get damage like this when dropping 2ft off a conveyor belt (which ALL packages will experience in transit). This is, by far, the worst damage I have seen to any of MY boxes that a customer has shown me. ALL EGGS ARRIVED INTACT!! No breaks, no cracks! And these are very fragile QUAIL eggs to boot. So, if you’re on the fence about ordering shipped eggs from me, you can rest assured, they will arrive safe! Customer satisfaction is my priority 😊

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