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***Due to High Demand As of 2/1/2023 any order placed will likely not ship until May*** As of 2/10/2023 we are pausing orders to insure we can fill those already ordered. We will open ordering again once we catch up!

***The price you pay when placing your order is a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT AND The USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS shipping cost. The balance will be due at hatch-a PayPal invoice will be sent for your balance of the chicks.

Chicks will be ready to ship no sooner that 4 weeks after ordering (if ordering after March 2023). You do have the option to pick your ESTIMATED ship date if it is available. Message us to set up dates. Pre-Order early to avoid having to wait 2-3 months.

These are RARE Opal Legbars that are the same breed but different variety as Cream Legbars. The opal color is “self blue” or “lavender”. To avoid feather issues (common with breeding self blue to self blue EVERY generation), we recommend breeding back to CREAM, WHITE or GOLDEN CRELE at least every 3rd generation. 2021 we bred Lavender/opal to cream and 2022 we bred lavender/opals to splits so if you intend to breed, you should be fine waiting a few years to add cream back in again.

Cream Legbars were first imported to the States just over a decade ago from the UK. They are compact large fowl that lays lots of LARGE to XL BLUE to BLUE/GREEN EGGS! They are a crested breed and will add some character to your flock. Cream Legbars are “Auto-sexed” at hatch by down color so you can be certain your chicks are female.

**We are only hatching for customers by PRE-ORDERS ONLY. Opal pullets are VERY LIMITED! Only 10 LAVENDER/OPAL pullet chicks may be purchased per order

6 chick minimum order. You can mix/match with other breeds or varieties.


$45 each


$15 EACH


Chicks are shipped with heat packs, excelsior pad, GroGel and crumbles.

Member of the Cream Legbar Club

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