Lavender (opal/Isabella) Legbar Hatching Eggs

Lavender (opal/Isabella) Legbar Hatching Eggs



A maximum of 2 dozen eggs (of any chicken breed combination) can fit per box and that is the maximum that can ship on any given day. IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 2 DOZEN, YOU NEED TO PLACE A SEPARATE ORDER BECAUSE THE EXTRA BOX IS AN EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGE. If you order too many eggs for a single order, I will have to bill the difference. Thank you!



Opal Legbar eggs will hatch 50% opal and 50% cream, respectively.

Lavender colored chickens must be bred back to their base color (cream in the Legbar breed’s case) at least every few generations to avoid producing birds with “shredded” feathers. So, for the 2022 season, I have 2 pens:

Cream/Opal split cock over Opal hens


Opal cock over cream/opal split hens


This insures all of your lavender chicks will grow perfect feathers


Opal split Chicks may be cream or golden crele when they feather out.



Opal Legbars lay beautiful blue to blue-green eggs jus like Cream Legbars and White Legbars only they have lovely “self blue” a.k.a “Lavander” plumage


NPIP/AI clean- South Carolina 56-544


Shipping eggs is a gamble, please understand the risks before bidding! I GUARANTEE YOUR EGGS ARRIVE INTACT. We are generous with EXTRAS in the RARE case there is a broken egg. Due to conditions outside of my control (postal handling, incubation techniques, equipment, ETC.), we DO NOT guarantee hatch rates. Fertility has been great at 95-100%.


Eggs are EXPERTLY packed in foam pouches, pointy side down and DOUBLE BOXED in 200# rated boxes-not free flimsy priority boxes.


Shipped by USPS Priority. We cannot guarantee eggs will arrive as scheduled once they leave our hands. If you would like expedited, guaranteed delivery dates, please contact us to discuss additional fees to your area. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS IF YOUR EGGS DO NOT ARRIVE ON TIME- BY CHOOSING PRIORITY SHIPPING, YOU ASSUME THE RISK OF LATE SHIPMENTS AS PRIORITY DOES NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY DATES. We will reship, for the cost of shipping IF they are in transit more than 10 days.


Here are some tips for best hatching results make sure you store this information:



1) Let’s settle for 24 hours pointy side down at room temp.



2) after 24 hours put them in your incubator. DO NOT TURN EGGS FOR 3 FULL DAYS..... MINIMUM.



3) after three days candle eggs and a check for loose air cells. Any that are stable can begin turning.



4) Any eggs that air cells are still detached, do not turn and check every 24 hours for up to a week total. I